123 Reset is a non-acute service, for individuals who have experienced ongoing and exacerbated mental health conditions, which may have resulted in hospitalisations, or impacted their day-to-day function requiring them to have ongoing and intense support needs to assist them to RESET!

By identifying barriers to stabilisation and recovery, clients will work closely with the 123 Reset Team.

Through coordinated clinical and non- clinical care, the program works with clients, to identify their ongoing support needs and subsequent referral and connection for a 12-week period.

The 12-week program aims to address issues that lead to recent admissions, to increase self-advocacy and minimise avoidable mental health admissions and representation to emergency.
The service operates within business hours and aims to meet with the consumer and relevant stakeholders within 2 business days of receiving the referral. We work with NDIS Funded participants who are eligible under CORE and Capacity Building Supports.

Referrals may be accepted through other funded programs via a formal application process.   Referrals can be lodged here